We nurture the seeds for a lifelong love of learning, assisting children to cultivate clarity of thought, breadth and balance of feelings, and conscience and initiative in their actions.  

We provide a human-centred, experiential approach to education that is developmentally appropriate, artistically enlivened and academically rigorous.

We support children to become resilient, purposeful and creative adults exhibiting a deep love, respect and curiosity for the natural world and their fellow human beings.

The Art of Education

Throughout our school, every aspect of what we do and create is based on the philosophy that education is an art. Teachers engage with this idea at a very deep level and this flows through directly and indirectly to our students and permeates our whole school community.

Through this art of education, we endeavour to create an environment and an experience for our students to allow them to become whole, balanced human beings, equipped to face the future with confidence, imagination, empathy, and a sense for creating a better, cohesive and beautiful world.

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Term 1
Wednesday 31st January

Thursday 28th March (half day)
Term 2
Monday 15th April

Thursday 27th June (full day)
Term 3
Monday 15th July

Friday 13th September (full day)
Term 4
Monday 7th October

Wednesday 11th December (half day)

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